Saturn possibility

Ok, out of complete boredom and my mame cabinet project going nowhere until I get the parts, I need something new to do, heres my plan, i plan on operating on a saturn unit and fitting a genesis mobo in there, my question, would there be a way to tie the genesis controller ports into the saturn controller ports and using the saturn pad for genesis games? Just a thought.


I know how you feel about the mame cab, I can't go any further with mine until I find the right TV for all my stuff (needs s-video for the laptop). Mod sounds interesting, I never use the cart slot on the Saturn for anything so I'd be interested to hear how you go with that.
Well, i've already widened the cart slot by about 1-2mm to accept the genesis carts, rewired the power adapter for the genesisinside the expansion slot, (nice snug fit btw), wired in the genesis a/v out into the saturns a/v out, and now currently am fitting the genesis cartridge slot into the back of the saturn unit. the only thing I have left to do is somehow mount the genesis pcb within the saturn unit with limited space, I may have to cut a bit but it will get in there. its gonan be sweet, 2 units in 1.


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You might want to add an extractor fan on the side just to make sure you don't get overheating problems.
I could do that but I cant see the genesis unit running too hot inside the saturn anyways. nearly got the mounting problem fixed, just need to do some serious soldering and rewiring.
Ok, ripped apart the saturn unit, have to take out the saturs cart slot, which is gonna be a complete bitch considering how many little pins there are. also going to have to remove the expansion slot most likely to fit the entire genesis mobo in there, or I could rebuild the genesis mobo from scratch, but that would be too hard. Desolder the genesis cart slotrunning wires from the genesis mobo to the cart slot, re positioned where the saturn cart slot was. After all that, re-assembling the laser unit, byattaching the pins to hold the unit in place atop the genesis mobo, and bam! everything should work properly.

I still have the problem/question of this, I can either dremel out the cart slots for the genny in the front of the saturn unit (plenty of room and it would look good, or I can do this, wire it up so that the genesis unit is controlled thru the saturns controller / port. all i need to know is what pins to solder where, without burning the board. I dont want to go thru 1 saturn trying to get this done, cuz if i do i'm not attempting it again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also if you have any input on this project, feel free to drop a reply. Any comments, suggestions and overall critisism are greatly appreciated.