Saturn problem, stopped playing some games

My saturn stopped loading some games. It is modded and everything is still hooked the way it should be. A few games will load up like Metal Black (cdr) but 98% of my games, backup or original appear to start loading up but then stop. Anyone have this problem before?
Have you opened up you system to check if any of the mod wires are loose? Also, is their any other problems with the system that you have found?
worked for 6 months, no wires loose. I can unmod the system and it doesn't fix that some originals don't work.. I mod it back (saturn mod is soooo easy) and same thing. 90% of the games start to boot up and just lock before anything happens, shortly after the lens starts to search the disc. the ones that do work, work just like they always have, they are both backups and originals. I just don't understand.

Could it be that in tracking there is a problem and the saturn just shots down because the data isn't where it should be? But then why would a few game boot right up..
I think I figured it out.. It seems that if you try to run Sim City 2000 with your memory full on the Saturn then every game that needs to load or save data will lock up. I guess it saves regardless of memory being full and it causes a corruption. I had to take the battery out and reset the memory for my Saturn to work agian.