Saturn programming

Is there anyone here who make new games for Saturn?

If you do, do you have a page or something about Saturn programming?

I would be happy if anyone answered. Thanks.
ya im wonderin too...b kinda nice to get a team together an make some good games, #### maybe release em an spread em real good:/
Saturn's a bitch to program for, it'll take more than a bunch of guys sitting down over some beer and saying "alright, let's just do a saturn game".
Not actually hard, but you _have_ to think a lot before you do anything. As in any game worth it's name, you need to have 80% it done before you even start making it.
I think the "Saturn is a bitch" thing came from developers who compared its libs and development tools to those of PSX and/or PC; everything I've read suggests that while Saturn isn't the simplest architecture around, it beats the #### out of something like Jaguar (or 2600, for that matter).
Well, the purpose of the SGL library is to avoid dealing with it. Just set the video mode, put in the models/art, and make sure you add slSync() in the main game cycle. It _works_, tadaa.

Now, if there was no decent SGL. (As it was when the Saturn came out)... well, you're in for a treat.
im down to do a project, dont know a whole lot bout programming but i can make low poly models and textures for it...can do some things graphicly for it..