Saturn retailers in Brazil

Here´s the address for 3 brazilian web stores which have Saturn games for selling.

I don´t have the slightest clue if they ship their stuff overseas, how much it would cost and/or if they have someone able to reply an email msg written in english language. Guess you will have more luck asking FNAC, since they´re a french company and maybe they will have there ppl who are able to speak english or french.

I have bought before from these 3 companies and never had any problem.

company: direct shopping[/email]

company:] fnac

Som Livre

info url:

p.s. If I have more address I will post ´em

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Draconar, you rock! Thanks a lot! I'll e-mail them and see if we can do business.

I appreciate your time...Thanks a bunch!

I have another tip for you. Last week I saw a copy of burning rangers on the shelves at FNAC, so try to ask them about it even if it is not listed on their website!