Saturn Saves on Hd?

well, after reading the vmu uploading guide (where you have to install a web server and blah blah) to be able to upload vmu saves to pc's Hard disk, i wondered if there is any way to do the same with the saturn. I already lost my PD saga save right in the middle of the game (ARGHHH), so this is special for me.

Is there ANY way to do this? Even if a netlink is needed, i can find one. BTW, would the netlink work in european countries? Apart from the region lock, is there any other possible problems for it?

Would this save to Hd be possible with netlink?(or not)
You can attach your savegames to an email and send it to an email account, and then download it from your computer. There was a site that let Netlink users upload the savegames and share it with other people, so you should be able to download saved data to your harddrive.
A Netlink or a Commlink + Action Replay setup would allow you to do this. And yes, the Netlink will work on European Saturns. Try to find N00b's Netlink FAQ for all things Netlink.
a gameshark or PAR will work like that other guy said. you'll need that commslink card tho, they are on ebay from time 2 time. $10-20. some import places sell em for round $20 too
So, if i buy an action replay like the one shown in lik sang (it has a link to a pc) i can retreive the saves there?

Or you are talking about a different cartridge? If yes, tell me more so i can find one.

Yes you can, but note that you also need a Commlink card and those are available only in ISA models. (There's also the Freewing adapter, but you'd have to build it yourself.)
well, i may already have such a card!

What connections does it have as input? Give me a good description and how i can search for it. I may have too many of these cards, i could even help other people too if they are indeed like the one needed.

Give me a good description and i ll try it.

It looks like this. Cards from different manufacturers may look slightly different, but it's a 16-bit ISA card with a parallel cable port on the back and two jumpers on the card.
Ok! thanks.

BUT, if we are talking about a parallel port, why wouldnt the normal one located on the motherboard work?

What are the requirements to work with the action replay?

I mean, i have 2-3 such cards, but whats so special about these cards that is not available on the normal parallel port?