Saturn sound-files

hey folks,

i was thinking about converting ADX-soundfiles (from bruning rangers f.e.) to wave just like those files commonly used in dc-games with a selfmade tool. the thing is they seem somehow different (header and stuff) maybe due to compatibilty to earlier codec-versions. does anyone know the differences?


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It could be earlier versions of ADX or it could be a compilation of several of them as one file. The header is your best clue. BTW, have you tried taking those ADX files from Burning Rangers and play it on your DC?
no i haven't tried to play them on dc yet. i know how to encode standard-dcadx and so how the adx header should look like. there's a "Cri" in the first couple of bytes. the adx'es on the burning rangers disc are missing it, this is the first clue i got.