Saturn sounds

I was unable to find an app to create file sound for saturn.

Is such an app exist ??

Is anyone know something about sounds and saturn ?
There are around 7 different ways of doing music on saturn. Of course, some make more sense then others. Essentially here's the 7 formats you -could- in theory use(given you have the proper headers and tools)

-XA Adpcm

-regular Adpcm

-Sequence music





The first 6 are directly supported by sbl/sgl, but the tools are mac only(that I know of). If you have a mac, i'm sure I could find someone willing to host such programs(as I have most of them myself). With adx you'd have to have the library and tools from cri.

You could always try looking for some 3rd-party programs to do the job for you as well. Saturn Adpcm, Aiff, and CDDA iirc are all the same as the PC formats. XA Adpcm and mpeg i'm not so sure about(though I think it mostly has to do with how saturn games store these on disc). Seq/Ton were definitely propriety formats from sega, so you'd need to use their tools for that.

Cyber Warrior X

Thing are again obscur ...

Im going to look closer at the format you give ...

Thanks for the reply