Saturn sprite ripping...

Well I can get Hikaru's pallettes fine from the various .bin files on the MKR cd, (the face file in the ADV directory is nice, 168 width) but all others are seemingly impossible ><

Anybody got some tips?
First, you might want to try my .s2d image converter that's here on the site ^^;

I'm not sure about what sprites you want. I'll talk about the player sprites, then.

All the MKR palletes are of the 15 bit variety, and are stored somewere in the player files in the root... as far as i could tell, the format is identical for all 9 files. look in hexidecimal for lots of strings contining a 7X XX pattern (for Hikaru) or XX 7X for Umi ... Fuu's pallete is almost impossible to detect (since G is shared bewteen the 2 bytes). I'm sure there is only one pallete for all motion sprites, and it's allways stored in the same location.

Most stuff in ADV has the pallete just before the start of each image, so its a matter of looking.

Not sure if you're using my tools, so if you're interested in porting values from one to another (better) sprite decoding program the hex values that should be used are the hexadecimal of those you see - 1...

Biggest problem i've found is that I can't get the "other" face sprites, those that appear in the game (that include other persons and SD's of the Knights), not those in the GUI (those in the faces dir)

Err... you just really need to especify what you are looking for. There's at least 3 diferent formats that i'm aware being used in MKR, and i only figured out 2 of them :p.
Well I'm looking for ALL sprites ;)

I've gotten the faces fine, now, I have no trouble with pallettes except for the sprites. I'm fairly sure that in PLAYER.BIN the width is roughly 16 (changing for some sprites) but I cannot detect the pallette... I'll try what you stated, thanks :)

Edit: And what .s2d converter? Do you mean your tools that I have been using all this time? ^^

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Sombody actually uses them? Amazing. You might be interested that I'm porting takcheck as a Visual Basic app, adding abilites like saving on the spot and seeing 15-bit images... and to jump 2 pallete bytes at a time, avoiding that "flash" problem that occurs when looking for palletes (that thing hurts, man). :p

The converter I was talking about is a proggie that decodes the files with extension .s2d in the Ending directory. Semmingly they disapeared from the Misc section.

As for the pallete sprites, I'm almost sure they are the last 512 values before each value... point the pallete (use the 'g' key) to the first byte of the sprites and go back 512 values. I'm almost sure that is the solution, but I can't check right now.