Saturn swap trick

I have a question. I want to swap us games on a pal Version 1 Saturn. The Saturn is country moded. When I switch to the american country and swap a us cdr-game, I need a us original or do a pal original the job too?

My second question: Works the swap trick by games with more than 2 CD's, like PanzerDragoonSaga too. I mean, works the cd change later in the game?
it doesn't matter what country version the swap disc is, just make sure the saturn is set to the country of the game you want to play.

as for multi disc games, you save, then turn off and just boot the next cd.
Thanks, hope all multi disc games are able to save at the end of each disc, especially Panzer Dragoon Saga

and with "swap disc" , you mean a original, right?
please, is there any one, who can say for sure, that Panzer Dragoon Saga is able to safe after each disc?