Saturn TV commercial


I get a polygram video promotion VCD with my second hand Saturn. My saturn has no VCD board so I tried the CD in my PC. On the CD was a 30 minutes Video with music vcd´s to buy. Before this polygram was a Sega Saturn comercial. I ripped only the Saturn commecial and put it on my FTP into /video.

So if anybody is intrested you can download it.

The quality of the video is real nice for a mpeg1 vcd.
Originally posted by racketboy@Jan. 17 2003, 12:38 pm

Do you still have this?

I know this commercial and have it on my site...

It´s in german though but you can handle it :

Just visit and find it at Downloads/Werbung (Werbung is just the german word for commercials) - there you´ll find the commercial and many more...