saturn vcd cart

i hope this isn't a tired old question.. (i searched the archives but did not find a satisfying answer)

is the video performance of the saturn in general at all improved by this card? on all games? specific games? if so which ones?.

or does it simply add vcd compatibility and nothing more?

thanks in advance for your replies.
It enables the Saturn to play VCDs and to play games that specifically require the VCD card. I don't know which ones. A Lunar game perhaps...

I don't think the VCD card does much else.
the VCD card allows your saturn to play MPEG's, it does not enhance games that do not utilize it in any way. There are a few games (Lunar:SSSC MPEG for example) that use MPEG for the video and look GREAT, and of course, you can play VCD"s with it.
I have 4 SS VCD cards. The cards I have play VCD 1.0, VCD 2.0, XVCD, Kodak Photo CDs, and HK Silvers in NTSC or PAL.

I would suspect it also plays DVCDs as well.

CN format SVCD is Mpeg-2, and since the decoder daughter card only does Mpeg-1 SVCD is out of the question.
Personally, I think the the video on Lunar using PSX's proprietary video format looks better than the saturn version, EVEN with the VCD card, believe me, I have both. ???

It doesn't affect all games, In fact, there's only a handful of games it has any effect on at all. Gungriffon 2, I think it was a game it supposedly improves the video quality, but besides that and Lunar:Mpeg, I can't think of any others offhand.

The VCD card is a neat novelty, but since you can buy an apex dvd player which will play DVD, VCD, SVCD, mp3, etc...for about 75$, it's not much more than a novelty.

Mine is a Sega brand, it plays VCD, 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0. Won't play SVCD at all of course, and the quality really isn't THAT amazing. for 1994, it was damned impressive to have your GAME SYSTEM play vcds, but nowadays it's kind of outdated.