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How is the quality of the sega saturn vcd card. IS it grainy? Would i just be better off using a dvd (i don't have that kind of money right now though?) Also, could a 3do fz-1 play vcd without the vcd add on. I thought that was just to make it better. Recently i've been backing up a lot of my vhs to vcd, but i would like to be able to play tem on something other than my computer.
DVD player would be not only your best quality, but your cheapest option as well... The 3DO does require the VCD card add-on to play real VCD's, and the VCD's must be no longer than 60 minutes. The only movies that will play without the VCD card are those Vivid softcore (and censored) porn flicks that were specially released for 3DO. And as for the Saturn card, it'll cost you twice as much as a DVD player anyway.

This here is a very inexpensive player that supports VCD as well as MP3.

Apex DVD/CD/MP3 Player AD-1100W
apex dvd players are a good price and for the price id buy one (if i didnt have a better one ) i heared they have some kind of problem -- not sure what it was but i often see some one returing one -- even seeing that id get one (if i had a diferent reciver- b/c in my opinion its a waste gettign a dvd if you dont plan on getting the sound)
Yeah, I'm a little familliar with suddenly crapping out Apex DVD players, My brother had bought one for my sister, and that one stopped playing DVD's after one day, and my other sister's boyfriend had one, he said pretty much the same thing is wrong with his.
Avoid Oritron too. I hope those fuckers aren't even in business anymore.

JVC is another really bad DVD Player manufacturer. They make other great equipment but their DVD stuff sucks.
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Apex DVD/CD/MP3 Player AD-1100W

I love that DVD player, great pice and works well with SVCD, VCD, MP3, Music CD's, and RAW mpegs. But be careful if you buy it what version you are getting.

1MB version -- Able to flash to remove macrovision and region free. Plays all of above.

512Kb version -- Able to flash to remove region free, but notmacrovision.

The new version (i think a new version of the 512kb unit) -- DOES NOT SUPPORT VCD but the rest still applies to the previous 512Kb version.

For more info check out