Can you play copied VCD's using the Video card on the Saturn. Bearing in mind my saturn has no mods on it. Thanks on any help
Nice! I paid £17.50 for mine, but I did get a free Saturn with it ;)

Actually I thought it was broken at first, because I had my Saturn's country switches set to US and the menu screen just showed an error message whenever I tried to play a VCD. I was *this* close to throwing it out before I twigged that I had to switch to Euro mode in order to use it :)

Mike i have wanted to speak with you for ages. I sent you an e-mail but i got no reply. Have you got any shemematics for the megadrive reader/writer?
I got my VCD card new and boxed (JVC Twin Operator v3.0) for free. The Chinese store I went to gives you a free SS or PSX card/addon if you buy more than 15 VCDs.