saturn VS dreamcast

I have both, and at the moment I'm playing my DC the most -mostly due to the fact that my Saturn isn't working too well right now, and because I just got Record of Lodoss War to play
I play Dreamcast more -- bigger library of quality games. I still love my Saturn, but the DC is awesome! Great party system too.
Usually depends on the amount of people I'm playing with.

2-4 Dreamcast: Powerstone 2, Bomberman Online

4 and up Saturn: Saturn Bomberman, Guardian Heroes.

There are always exceptions of course, but this is usually how it goes so that everyone has a chance to play when a bunch of my friends are hanging out.

When I'm by myself? I play PSX
*ducks* it changes based on whatever game I'm into at the time, currently it's Dragon Force. But yea, I play PSX a lot atm too, Symphony of the Night and Megaman X6 heh.
I have both systems... and I have used my Dreamcast only 3 or 4 times since I bought it a few months ago..., however, I play with my saturn 4 or 5 times a week... I really prefer Saturn than dreamcast... more genuine 2D games and very funny 3D games
I have both and play dc more, now I can get loads of games really cheap.

Though I play through SF3 on my Saturn quite a lot.
Have both but play the dc more at this time. Got hooked on a cheesey game called slave zero. When I beat it, will probably be back to one of my other systems although I love the versatility of the dc. I've put a lot of my old systems in storage as I can emu them on the dc.
Think I play the Saturn more cos I'm a shoot 'em up boy at heart

Once the other DC emulators are up to the standard of NESterDC I'll probably not ever come off it..

Hey, where did Falstaff's 'Sir Gwyn' thing come from all of a sudden?