Save Game Copier Features


I need to still do some code cleanup but I'm pretty much done with adding features to my Save Game Copier (SGC). SGC can copy Sega Saturn save game files to and/or from internal memory, cartridge memory, external devices (e.g. Sega Saturn Floppy Disk Drive), Satiator ODE, and CD. More advanced features allow the user to dump/write to memory.

I decided against supporting metadata for the time being because it looked annoying to implement. I also didn't implement the "jump to address" feature that @rorirub wanted. Although easy to write, I figured most binaries would be loaded to the same address as SGC. So I would have to figure out how to put SGC somewhere else in memory.

Any other features you feel are worth adding? I'm open to adding additional ODE support, I just need notes on how to do it and someone to test it for me.
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