scariest game EVER

Dude guys i played this one game called Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly, the words "shit myself" is an understatement. Nothing beats 4 19 year old guys screaming their asses off in a dark basement while playing a video game. I seriously coudlnt go to bed with all the lights off the whole time i was playing this game. Here is an example, there is this one part where i was on this little elevated part of a room. You hear some scratching and something comes up and says "i think i heard something under the floor". you inspect under the floor and the camera pans over and their is a dead ghost girl under there. I knew it was gonna happen but i still screamed and nearly pissed myself. So the only way you can fight these ghosts is by taking pictures of them but if you take a picture from too far away you barely do any damage and you have limited amounts of film so you have to wait till the very last second when they lunge at you to take a picture. So while fighting a ghost it can appear anywhere in the room and all the doors lock so you cant get away, they can walk through walls and pretty much do whatever they want. so ive fought plenty of other ghost before so im not insanely scared (although im still pretty freaked) when all of a sudden for no reason, the lights in teh game go off. All you can hear in my basement was "OH SHIT OH FUCK THE LIGHTS JUST WENT OFF WHERE IS SHE?!? AHHHHHH" She would toy with you and run in front of oyur line of sight and run through a wall, so im freaking out but finally beat her. After this experience i have yet to be scared from any horror movie i watch. Im looking forward to that siren game cause that game looks pretty damn scary. I think its more scary to play the game cause you sorta feel like you are actually there where as when you are watchig a movei you are just sorta looking throuhg a window. Any other good scary video game moments? I remember playing resident evil 2 and things jumping through walls and getting all pissed off cause it startled me so id just pump them full of lead. Thats why crimson butterfly was so scary, you were almost defensless
The first Turok on N64 had a very cool moment when you where going thru a very silent tunnel area and out of nowhere a huge monster would smash the wall and started beatting the crap out of you, not "scary" but very surpriZing, Turok is a very underated series. I have no pacience for RE games or its clones my brain only stands nobrainer arcade games.

If you get really scared by a video game then there must be something wrong with you since its poligonal characters, in a movie you can relate to the characters ´cause its real people acting.
I only ever played Silent Hill 1 and I'd say it rates right up there in the "most disturbing" column at any rate.

Especially when you're in the sewers and those weird things start jumping down on you from outta nowhere... and you have to beat the living pixels out of them with your trusty rusty lead pipe before they can rip your head off. :ph34r: Not quite my cup of tea.

I'm more of a "Evil Dead: Hail To The King" kinda guy. :lol: :flamethrower:
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i wouldnt say that there is something wrong with me but rather i have a good imagination. :puke:

Hehe, right on!

RE2: Claire Scenario 2 is pretty cool. For those who can remember, or have actually bothered playing the game through twice with each character will remember the 'big guy in da trenchcoat' .. you don't see him many times in the game, but when you do -- well, let's just say he makes a bloody big entrance! ;)
Silent Hill2

when the beasts jump from the forest to the road...

or when a beast came from under a car...

plus, the SOUND! i think it's the scariest sound i heard from a game!

you heart beat at the music rythm!!!

i seriously doubt a heart-ill can play with it :)

i wait for Siren, it's seems to be scarier..
Silent Hill 1 was the scariest for me... I loved the psychological horror in part two, but for some reason the first was scarier- probably because there were more transformations, also the winged creatures were a bit freakier (not better designed than) the mannequins from SH2. That part where you see your daughter on the screens was also pretty freaky. I have 3 but I haven't played enough of it to make a judgement on it yet.

And CrazyGoon, yeah, I agree, that Mr. X guy was pretty neat, RE2 still has my favorite scenario/enemies out of the series (I love the 'zombie city' thing and I found Nemesis in RE3 to be more annoying than scary).
As far as scary games are concerned, I only have 2 that I've played I could even apply the term to.

The resident evil remake on my gamecube. It's definately straining on your sanity at some points... but it's pretty predictable.

I'm in the middle of the other one right now, and that's Manhunt. People like to crash out with no warning, and there's nothing like the fear of running from a half dozen guys with machetes.

Neither one is altogether scary though.
Although the Silent Hill games are more disturbing, the first Fatal Frame made me crap myself a lot more. I still sometimes get the fear at night thinking of this particular ghost wailing about her eyes.
I also say Undying on the PC, one freaking good game. Fatal Frame 2 is the first game to give me chills since then. Highly suggest both if anyone hasn't tried them.
Rush your way through AVP 2 on harder difficulties, as a Marine. Especially with the lights off and your speakers up. Beep beep BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP!
The first time I played Marathon was with the lights out and the volume up. It was more than a little unnerving... :unsure:
best way to play horror yerself in a dark room at night when u have been up for a long time w/ sum good headphones on
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best way to play horror yerself in a dark room at night when u have been up for a long time w/ sum good headphones on

A nice sound system and very high volume are actually better.