hate to sound like an idiot, (whoops, too late now) but i have searched the forums over for instructions on using the scdconv. i found 2 but for some reason i still can't get it to work. does anyone have the patience to write a quick little step by step, or point me in the direction of something similar. like it really matters, but im running winME. anyway, any help would be appreciated because this has now become personal to me.

boy did i get spoiled with the satconv!!

hey IDIOT... lol j/k. scdconv is tricky in that you might have to go into command prompt to use it (i do.. i'm running winxp)... anyhoo, after putting scdconv files into the directory with the iso, go into command prompt and type in "scdconv ____.iso" where ____ is the file name.... k?

i think there are 3 levels of conversion by the way... most files on ftps are American... i use scdconv to verify.

2nd level usually gets converted anyhoo... but 3rd level is almost impossible. If you really want the game then, you'll need that chip.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! still no luck. the closest i can get is a "file creation error". that's a lot closer than i've been yet to success. i'm just going to blame it on the file i guess. i'll try to dump an American bin and make sure i'm doing it right.

JT, thanx a million for opening my eyes.