screwdriver trick

I took the advice I was given earlier and burned some mp3s on a cdrw and it worked so I copied a sega saturn game that I already owned I used roxio and cdmate and when I played either disc all it did was play the music. What am I doing wrong? do I have to have a cart? Does the fact that I have the sega with the round buttons have anything to do with it? or am I just copying the game wrong please help
To play CDR copies of games in a Saturn you either need to learn the swap trick or fit a mod board to the Saturn.

For more info on the swap trick, try the Miscellaneous Section.

For more info on modboards, have a browse through the Saturn forum.

It could also be that you've burnt the disc incorrectly, but right now, who could tell?
I was told that this trick works by other members on the board and I looked in the miscellaneous section and that is where I found out about the laser mod technique I just wanted to see if it worked and it is kind of close in the fact that it can play the music off a cdrw I just wanted to know was there another way to copy a game or am I doing something wrong with the orange screw
The CDRW mod only increases the laser's power to allow you to use CDRWs in the Saturn. You still need to do something to allow you to run copied games.

CDRWs have a much lower level of reflectivity than pressed CDs or CDRs and require the laser's strength to be increased so the Saturn can read them. The fact that you can play audio tracks from a CDRW makes it look like you did the mod OK.

The CDRW mod does nothing concerning the security system that stops you from running copied games. You will need to either fit a mod or learn to swap. Beyond having an original Developers disc, there is no other way to play copied games on a Saturn.