Searching for a BBA....

To rip original games at high speed, mwuhahahah...

Well, I don't wanna accuse the poor guy of anything - but that's pretty much what one can do with the BBA nowadays.

Then again (just thought of it), it would be cool for highspeed web browsing on the DC, even if you have to do an Ethernet connection to a PC which is itself hooked up to broadband... Sometimes it's the "cool" factor that matters.
Originally posted by cherok@Mar 29, 2003 @ 11:06 PM

Servers are down on most games anyways, why do you want one so bad?

Actually, just about every US game that supports the BBA has its servers still up. The more popular games wiht people in them are:

Bomberman Online

PSO v1 and v2

Quake 3

Unreal Tournament

The BBA is also nice for testing homebrew games with and developing.