Sega CD Audio Track List


Well, I don't know if this is going to work but.. It's up to you!

I've seen a few posts where people are asking about track and game info, so what I'm trying to do here is a full list of released games (EURO, US and JAP) with the correct number of audio tracks and length.. I've posted the first one and I believe that the info is correct. Okay, most of you know that the full list is BIG, and since I don't have all the games I'll need help! Your help.

What's the purpose of all this, you ask. Well, how many of you have tryed to complete your sega cd collection without knowing how many games where released (Okay, there are some nice sites with the full list of released games..) or if the games in your collection have all the audio tracks in the correct order (ISO-MP3).. blah, blah!


Lunar II - Eternal Blue (US) 1995

(from mp3s)

Track 02 4:44

Track 03 6:09


If you don't know what a Sega CD is.. you're on the wrong forum!!
I don't think so, according to cdrwin (or other programs for reading the track lenght):

track 2 is 4:49:60

track 3 is 5:59:56

on my original CD
That'd be right.

It would probably be a great resource, but only if you take track lengths from originals.

Thanks for the info Conker.
You're right, that info is from mp3 backup and not from original CD. Yes, mal, it would probably be a great resource.. but I don't have all the originals. And why is the length different from original and mp3? If you want to play the games in your sega cd, that's different, but if you want to play the games in an emulator, a backup image plus mp3 audio tracks would take less HD and it would be a lot faster. A resource like this would help people to know if they have an original backup or not. Thanks


Popful Mail - Magical Fantasy Adventure (US) 1995

Track 02 2:22

Track 03 2:25

Track 04 3:55

There are many reasons for different track lenghts

1) The audio is extracted from images with tools like cdmage or binchunker and they sometimes add post/pregaps to the audio tracks (mostly when you use bin/cue files not from cdrwin)

2) The audio is from backups of backups of backups of... and all burned/ripped with different progs and this maybe not as image file but as iso+wav

3) Some mp3 encoder delete silence at the beginning and/or the end of the tracks.


So you will only know the correct track time with an original cd

I could help a bit with a list, i have 63 Euro, 48 US & 4 Jap games, but atm i'm quite busy with other things so i can't spent much time on this.

p.s.: the track info for Popful Mail is correct
All I'm saying is that if you're trying to make a resource of correct track lenghts, how about we start with the correct track lenghts from originals?

As you can see, mp3 track lenghts can vary for many reasons.

If you haven't got the original to work from, maybe make a note that it is from mp3s.

Is anyone else interested in this?

If so, I'll start a new sticky thread for people to post details in so that it stays tidy.
Maybe i didn't say it clear enough, so then: i have 63 Euro, 48 US & 4 Jap original scd/mcd games. And i'm still collecting.

That would be great, mal. I believe Conker will help us a bit, since he has lots of originals. Would that be okay, Conker? If so, we'll use this thread to share info before we use the sticky thread. That would prevent people who doesn't have originals to post incorrect info. We already have two games to start with: Lunar II and Popful Mail. Let us know what have you decide, mal.
No idea, but if you list some CDs, maybe someone else will list what you want (hint, hint).
what should we record these times from? Some devices i have list tracks with an extra second sometimes. Should i write these down from the sega cd bios, Nero CD info?
Not having listed any myself, I couldn't say which is best.

Curtis, Myname, what did you guys use?
exact audio copy is a good program to use to list the tracks with the appropiate info

it will also let you lookup the track names automatically

winamp also lets you do that

for example sonic cd shows up with all the names on eac
I was gonna submit Ecco: Tides of Time but when I popped it in and got to looking at the track names...they just dont look right. A few of them look like what I expect but then some of them dont. For Instance:

Track 02: You know (Theme and Development) 4:33

Track 03: Maternity 3:46

Track 06: Reindeer Hunt 3:29

Track 10: Glutton 2:45

Track 14: He/She? 0:23

Track 15: Rites of Sex 4:36

I guess I have never really taken the time to look at the track names so maybe I'm just trippin'. I was also going to enter Mortal Kombat but those tracks are labeled Annihilation with stuff from Megadeth and Rammstein. I always thought that Annihilation was released way after the Mortal Kombat game on Sega CD but apparently not. They ARE the tracks from the game though. This just all seems really odd to me because these are both originals.