Sega CD console problem

I got this dead console, I know it's my fuse, but I'm not clear on what to do with fuse. Does I desolder it and leave it alone? I need more informations concerning this, Thanks!
You need to desolder it and replace it with one of equivelent value. I know there is a thread here with a link to instructions on how to do this, but i can't be bothered searching for it. Just look for other threads that look like they were posted by people who had similar troubles with their Sega CD.
So, I need 1 amp fuse, Think I can easily find this at local Radio Shack? What item code # is this fuse at radio shack website?
(EDIT) oh yeah, is it possible for me to solder fuse holder and be able to replace fuse every time it blow?
Yep, that's what I did to fix my own fuse. A good solution all round 'cause you don't have to find those tiny "Pico Fuses" (or whatever they are called).