Sega CD emu

Why would this question even need to be asked? Since the Sega CD would have a Genesis with a cart slot for games. Its like saying I need a Dreamcast emulator for my dreamcast.
or asking if you can download a cdimage of a dc game onto the dc using the modem/bba

and the same sort of problem, the dc/mega cd hasnt got anywhere to put such a file
Hmmm, I see no homebrew dev on Sega CD so it would be unlikly... Did Sega relase the libs for the genesis/Sega CD like they did with the Saturn?

It would take a coding genius with waaaaay too much time on their hands to fool the Mega Drive into thinking that a ROM loaded from a CD into RAM (or RAM cart more than likely) was actually the cartridge slot....

So take that as a no then ;)

and on another note, a VMU emulator for DC IS being developed for anyone interested ;)

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hehe - all we need now is for someone to suggest "streaming" the roms from CD, and we'll have a full blown N64 emu fake :)
Heh, to answer my own question about the libs for Sega CD being available, they are not because thier were none. It's all low-level coding like the Mega Drive :)