Sega cd HELP!!!!!!

I have a model 1 and sega cd and we had this thing for a fucking long time like since it first came out. and my bro took the sheild off and I don't think he put it back on properly. Does anyone know where I can find a pictue that will show where the small pieace fits like where in the vent does it go? or maybe the sega cd is just old and dirty maybe someone knows where I can find some pics to clean a sega cd?

anyways thanks
Don't worry about it. The small "shielding" piece is not important, it's just one of those silly things that the FCC insist on to reduce RF interference to ridiculously low levels.

The Sega CD will work fine without it - in fact the Japanese Mega CD doesn't come with one! (Japan doesn't have the same stringent rules on RF as the US and Europe.)

If you really want to fit the small shielding piece, put it in the vent that's furthest to the left (i.e. closest to the edge of the console). The large metal plate will fit better that way.