sega cd or mega cd


i want to know if there's a country lockout on sega cd.

If i can play us or jap cd on a french mega cd??

thank you
I don't know if there's a chip or anything, but you can make an ISO of the Japanese CD on your computer, then use SCDConv to convert it to a European country code. I believe you can dl scdconv in the Misc section of this site.
you can fit one or arakons multibioses

or get hold of a converter cart such as the cdx

the multibios is the only one that will work for 100% of the available games
I tried to use SCCONV on:

1. Ninja Warriors-from JAP to US

2. Heavy Nova - from JAP to US

but both didn't work.

Did anyone have success with these?

Does it also work with Megaschwartzchild for megacd (JAP to USA)?

I tried to convert Mega Swarzchild to USA but it didn't work. The Japanese version of Lunar the Silver Star worked in the conversion to Jap-->USA but that's the only one I've ever got to work.

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I guess I will have to look into getting a mega cd then... *sigh*

Has anyone ever played Ninja Warriors for Mega CD? I wonder if its any better than the awful pc engine version?

Maybe if anyone had success with other Mega CD games converstion to USA. I only got Record of the Lodoss War to work.


will work 100% for all games in combination with a 50/60 hz switch.
I would do the BIOS replacement installation thing, but I saw the word solder and some I got some bad memories so I think I'll opt to not do that.

Wow...I didn't know you could modify the sega cd into playing all regions. Problem is I have a JVC X' would this apply to that as well?

If not, I am looking into getting a model 2 sega cd maybe?

Thanks for the tip!

if the x'eye is anything like the multimega internally, then it uses a surface mount eprom for the bios instead.. you could still replace it, but it'd be ALOT more work and rewiring.

the model 2 is much harder to modify than the model 1, due to the lack of space and the bios being half hidden under the genesis connector. the model 1 is easier to modify, but harder to find.

if you are located in europe, I could prolly sell you a fully modded model 1 or 2, tho.

Sorry, I'm not in Europe. I live in the states right now. I do have a model 1 but its busted. My friend is taking a look at it but I didn't think much of it since I got the x'eye. But maybe if he has time he can make the mod based on your tutorial since he does all my electrical moddifications to systems.

Thanks for the help Arakon.

Just so everybody knows

if you get a sega 1 (came with altered beast)

you can attach it to a jap mega cd and play games perfectly

had to toos mine after i spilled coke in it a and couldnt find another genesis
uhm, no. then you either had an US segacd in the first place, or your games had modified country checks. any segacd I've seen so far (and I've seen many) had the country lockout.