Sega CD Problem

I have the first style Sega CD and I've bought it new when it first came out. Lately it's been giving me a problem, where no matter what CD I put into it it spits the CD back out at me like it can't read it and tells me to place a CD on the tray and press start. What can I do? Is there any place that repairs this? I'm guessing it's the laser or something along those lines. I'm not technical enough to repair it on my own, but are there places I can send it to or is it just trashcan liner now? Any help would be most appreciated.
sounds like a problem with the ribbon cable. It's probably so loose it's not reading that the door is even closing or not allowing the door to close. Try opening it up and pressing the ribbon cable firmly into place. but don't break it. That may help.
The CD door will close if there is NO CD in it. But when I put a CD in, it reads it and thinks for a few seconds and then the CD door opens up again. What do you recommend for this?
Try what i said before. It happend to me with my model fz-1 3do and i just shoved that little sucker right back in and that worked. Or could be that the lens on the laser reader is scratched or dirty. Try blowing on it.
I opened it up and tried pushing in all the ribbon cables that I could see. They all seemed nice and tight from where I was. I then took some cleaner and tried to clean off the laser lens. I put it all back together and its still not working. Hmm... I'm at the end of my rope here. I'm thinking it may have died and gone to game heaven. Any other ideas? Thanks for your help BTW!
Yep, music CD, regular Sega CD, and cleaning CD have all been tried. The door closes, the machine makes noises like it's accessing for about 2-3 seconds and then the door opens again, like it rejected the CD.
Well then the best thing i can think would be wrong is that the lazer lens is weak or broken. Might wanna get a new one. 20 bucks isn't that much, right?