Sega CD Programing help.

Hey yall, so anyways i want to program on the sega cd because i actually like the system and i know a bit of c++ and c but how do i make games for the sega cd?

Chilly Willy

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Here's my previous latest toolchain for ubuntu. Should work in any linux distro. It handles Genesis, SCD, and 32X.

Here's my SCD boot loader. It auto loads and runs APP.BIN on the CD, and provides some helper functions for things like reading ISO9660 files. It's used by all my SCD demos.

Here's a mikmod player for the SCD. It uses my port of mikmod to the SCD using a library I made to make using the PCM chip easier.

Here's a SCD raycasting demo I made that uses the DirectColorDMA mode of the Genesis VDP.

Here's a MOD player I made that downsamples the instruments in the MOD until everything fits in the PCM ram. It has a few different filter modes to use when downsampling to make the instruments sound better compared to a simple nearest-neighbor downsample.

This should get you going on how to make SCD games/demos. If you have any questions, just ask. I've always made it a habit to help anyone on Sega (and other old consoles) programming.
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