sega cd reviews?

Gamefaqs is popular, so there's a lot of content... but its text-only. That makes walkthroughs a pain with things like large dungeons/levels etc. They should make it HTML already, just put a limit on how much space for graphics.
It's a good site, but



Mario type gameplay with a weird alien looking guy.Some small puzzles etc.Cute looking main character and should be fun for the little tikes.

Mario type gameplay?

was already mentioned. However, a lot of import and rare games are missing any info.

Has good reviews of all the US games (no imports). Unfortunately, the webhost is a POS. It gives about 5ppm (pop-ups per minute), and often the front-page won't load right the first time, you have to hit refresh once to make the front-page load (weird).

Has a few too, though I don't agree with most of his reviews.

For a complete list of all known sega CD games (including imports, demos, and unreleased) goto

However, I disagree with nearly all of the reviews on that site... they give poor reviews to most of my favorite games.

I usually try to see what other games reviewers compare to, because if they say it sucks because it's like game X which I like, then I might like it even if they don't...

And sometimes I find just looking at the back of the box a good way to see what the game might be like.

Once my new webpage is made I hope to put up my own reviews of games I've played, just so that there can finally be a positive review for all the games I like that just get dissed everywhere (Like Microcosm CD and Motocross 32x).