Sega CD won't power up

I have a Genny 1 and Sega CD Mark 1. I can play carts on the Genny whether it's connected to the CD player or not. However, the CD player won't work, it worked fine when I first got it out (after 20 years of not being played!). However, when I packed it away for a few months and got it out again it decided not to work :-( Every now and again the Red and Green light flash on and then go off again, however most of the time no lights come on at all. I have dismantled it, cleaned the connections, checked the fuse (which is fine), I put the front of the CD tray on slightly wrong, it didn't like that as it wasn't quite lined up so it told itself to open, have adjusted this now so it's not opening anymore but just shows it's got power. Any more suggestions before I sell it for spares ?
Have you checked the power supply out? I honestly can't remember if it has its own standalone PSU or if it relies on the Genesis's, its been ages since I've had a Sega CD. If it has its own power supply, check the amperage and voltage its outputting with a multimeter (be very careful while doing this, especially if the PSU is internal). If the PSU is external, the ideal values should be right on the power brick somewhere clearly marked (as long as you're relatively close to what those values are, the power supply is fine). If the PSU is internal, you're going to have to do some digging online on what values it should be outputting and where dependent on the model of the Sega CD you have. If you're messing with an internal PSU, be extremely careful, not to touch anything you shouldn't be, as you could end up touching a component at a point in the circuit where the voltage and/or current hasn't been stepped down from AC yet (220v (UK)/120v (US) ~30amps for US, not sure about UK). If you aren't comfortable doing this, find somebody more qualified, or alternatively, just scrap the thing for parts. Hope this helps! Keep us posted!
They each have their own power supply, however the Sega CD also needs to be connected to the Genesis to power up. The issue being, once it's connected you can't access anything to check :-(


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