Sega Channel

A freind of mine had it. Was a cool little device. The only problem was you couldnt save your game and you had to wait for the game to download. Other then that it was better then going to blockbuster all the time.
Always bitched at Cox for not giving us it...instead they gave us 5 channels....Home shopping...HS2, Discovery...and 2 others things...OH YEA Cartoon Network
weird thing is now i can get my hands on sega channel devices for cheap. and alot of them atleast i think the store still has them.
they most likely don't since i don't think the network is still up. I forgot to mention it befor another reason i liked it was because they'd have championship games on it where you'd play a game for prizes; an example was primal rage they had a timed contest were you had to beat the game the fastest then write down the code you recieved after beating the game then call up a 1800 number to enter the code to see if you win.
Oh yeah i had the sega channel and i remember those. I won once too. Bomberman... i already owned the game so i was pretty good. I came in third place and got a bomberman plush and some bomberman anime only released through sega. Man that was weird... much like the style of drawing they use in monster rancer but with the white bombermen vs, the black bombermen. IT was odd. but the sega channel WAS awsome! I wish it still worked. You can get them all over the place they just aren't up anymore and you'll get the error message which i hated..
you can get sega channel devices for cheap? how cheap? i'd like one in my collection. See if i can get a terminal emulator to talk to it, see if i can figure out what protocol it uses. Assuming they ran like a BBS it might be possible to configure sega channel servers

I'd advise buying loads

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For those of you who got the Sega Channel in the US, how much did you pay for it?

We had the Sega Channel in the UK too, but I was put off by the very high price - about 40 pounds/month. It was cheaper to just rent the games I wanted.

Actually I would LOVE to see some develpers try to get Xband emulated.....Imagine via server like kaliera or something. Game to game....etc.....Use xband to connect via ipx or tcp =)
if you guys want i could go back to that place that had em and see if they still do i think they had around 30 or 40 but that was a few months back.
I'd gladly help gettign the sega channel going again. think of it, someones computer as a dedicated sega channel server.

Do you think sega would give the plans of how it ran to us?
I'd think that the channel could be re-routed somehow so that the channel reads rom images off of a pc / server. it should work like that.
could always find some rich guy and have them just start it up like it was before. but who would do that? i doubt we could find someone but thatd rock. i remember playing sega channel, it was nice that it was on a cable modem too. i help pay for it, but itd be even beter if it hosted for other systems. we could get the sega saturn network running again too.
the idea of the xband is a good one too. if we could devise a plan to get that running thru a central computer maybe i could finally whip mystys ass in mk2 with reptile :)