SEGA first quarter numbers

- Sega announced they have a 1.89 billion yen (US$15.76 million) profit for the first quarter of 2003 financial year. The company has shipped 1.45 million software, 1.02 million units were sold in Japan, and 430,000 units were sold in US and Europe. The biggest selling title is Let's Make a Pro Soccer Club 3 for PS2, which exceeded the expectations. The sales in arcade business is lower than planned, but a profit is still posted from the business, the most success titles are Star Horse and UFO Catcher 7.

- Sega announced Gungrave O.D. for PlayStation 2, the sequel to the popular 3D action game from 2002. This time the game will have revised character designs, new atmosphere and the "manga dimension graphics" from the last game. Gungrave O.D. will have more action elements and music from Tsuneo Imahori, the game is currently 20% completed, and it will be out in Autumn 2003.

- AIA has published new images and video of Sega's remake of Rent-A-Hero No. 1 for Xbox. The game will be released on August 26. The game will have new battle and gallery modes, and 60 characters to interact with. There are 5 stages and 30 missions available, the hero can execute 16 special attacks and 7 combo moves in the game. See images and video here.

And new images from Outrun 2 here.