Sega + General Motors?

Today I had to drive down to the GM plant in Hamtrammak, Michigan (it's a Cadillac and Buick LeSabre plant). And guess what was there.

There's this big trailer/bus/tyour thing they send ot all GM open houses and it has stupid movies and messages from corporate execs, usual propoganda thing. But what struck me was what was in the corner. A video game.

Not just any game, Daytona USA 2. I watched it reboot and saw the Sega Logo. What made it unique was before the races it showed videos of the cars being assembled. I'm pretty sure based on the lack of loading that this was Naomi hardware and not a special Dreamcast version. Anyway, the trailer/bus presentationm was called the "Tour to the Future" or "Tour to Tomorrow" (something to that effect, I could always ask a supervisor what the exact name was).

I just thought it was interesting and worth noting to see a special version of Daytona USA 2 made for General Motors