Sega gets Guilty Gear?

whoa that's pretty cool.

I was kinda wondering when someone would snatch Sammy up.

Now, at least Sega has a good 2D fighter franchise. Hopefully, they'll do go with it (I'm sure they will)

I wasn't much of an Eternal Champions fan -- seemed kinda cheap-feeling to me.
I was surprised at the reduced profit forecast, cut from five billion yen down to 500 million yen, apparently mostly because NFL2K3 didn't sell as well as expected. Personally, I think it's stupid to more or less bet the company on beating Electronic Arts at their core business.
It will be called "Sega", won't it? Remember the days of the Sega and Bandai merger... it was going to be called "Sega-Bandai", hehe. It's a shame it was cancelled, we would have enjoyed tons of Tamagotchi games for Saturn
As long as they keep the SEGA name and it's development teams I'll be happy with the merger.. Hopefully they'll get a better marketing team in there so they might actually sell some games.

As far as quality goes the 2k series blows madden and NBA Live away.. but as far as marketing EA blows SEGA out of the water.