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Ok I'm having a little trouble with this game, or rather the last race in it - the Clio Trophy.

First off, am I correct in assuming that to get the car for this event you need to win the works race for Renault team?

Assuming that is correct, does anyone know some decent settings for that car to make it drivable? It seems that no matter what I try, the car just bounces around the track as soon as anything resembling accelleration is applied. I just cannot control the damn thing at speed.

Any help appreciated...
Bet you're gonna check back here thinking someone can help, but no :

I am also stuck around this part of the game with only that trophy left to win, except I can't even get first in the SA Renault drivers test to qualify for the Works cup. Anything more than a slight angle when cornering sends you spinning out.. I have a couple of million in my account on the game, so it makes me wish for a 'bribe' function
That's not the last race of the game.

After completing all races you have the 3 WSK races. And the front drive race is harder than getting/winning with that Clio.

Anyways, just make the front wheels of the the Clio hard and the rear medium/soft (your choice). If the car isn't maneuverable for you at all set the down force to maximum and make the car closer to the ground; but not by changing the spring rate (for this the harder the better for you).

I can drive that car without changing nothing, because I used a lot the Honda NSX, a good choice to learn how to drive a MR car in the game (specially the works car).
Yeah I managed to win this race a while back. The key to driving any of the "bouncy" cars is accelerator control. You can't win if you keep your finger hard on the accelerator - you need to back off before you hit the sections of the track that cause the bounce (the hills and slopes).

It doesn't matter if you coast through these sections, because the other cars drive so slow anyway, you catch them up on the flat bits of the road no worries.

Personally, I found the WSK races very easy. Just pick a car that handles alright (I like my 1000hp Skyline, mysefy
) and max everything out (engine, brakes, etc). Rinse, repeat for the other events.