Sega Touring Car Championship


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2007-07-16 to 2007-07-22; Sega Saturn

Race the circuit in TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP. You'll have four cars to choose from: Alfa Romeo 155V6tl, Opel Calibra V6, AMG Mercedes C-Class, and Toyota Supra GT. After selecting your vehicle, customize it to fit your driving style. Once the car is tweaked, tackle the twists and turns of three different tracks. Should your friends challenge your dominance of the speedways, show them who's the boss with the VS Race mode. Get behind the wheel of highly tuned car, and apply some extreme speed in TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP.

Some key points:

Sega Touring Championship was one of the first console game to feature Internet Ranking mode as an optional modem was available for the Sega Saturn (except in Europe).

This is one of the few racing games from Sega to not include an announcer at all (you get other forms of SFX when you pass a the starting line [there are no checkpoints, this is the only way to extend your time] or during the 3-2-1-Go countdown before the race, as examples).


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It is definively one of the best arcade racing games on the Saturn even if it didn't have the best reviews on some magazines.

This game has got a really high speed effect (sure there are some slowdowns but not really when you're first ;) ). The sound tracks goes really well with the speed of that games. The main complain it could have are the controls, it needs some time to get used to play with it, you cannot really play hours on Sega Rally or Daytona then switch to this one.

Last good things were some dates events with special levels also also some ways to tune your can. The funny thing is you can play with the Sega Rally cars (maybe they are more detailled here ?). There is a little point to say about tuning the cars, the settings made on the Saturn cannot be used on the PC version,you have almost to reverse them, it's not really logical.

I finish with the lyrics of the first sound track :)

Open up your eyes and realise that what we have is meant to be

We shared our dreams, our fantasies

And lost touch with reality

It's better than never

Instant power dream

It's better than never

This one's meant to be! FREEE!

I'm feeling high, so high

Like the sun up in the sky
The speed and challenge of handling in this game is great. The courses have a good amount of turning so it dosent get boring. Playing with manual is really fun with 6 gears.
I have always loved Sega Touring Car (STC). My copy came with a "This is cool" pad from Japan, which was most definitely cool. The soundtrack was excellent, but the conversion lacked tightness in both visuals and gameplay, that we had come to love with Sega Rally.