Sega Rally Revo


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Jan 28 '08 - Feb 03 '08

Sega Rally Revo (known in Europe simply as Sega RALLY) is an offroad racing video game, the most recent installment of the Sega Rally series. The game is available on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP from 28 September 2007 in Europe. The game's title is "REVO" to show that it's still a revolution in this genre which proves again that why Codemasters have cited Sega Rally as a strong influence on their first Colin McRae Rally game.

Developed at the SEGA Racing Studio in Solihull, England, the game's features include:

Over 30 vehicles to choose from, both 4WD and 2WD as well as classic rally vehicles.

Dynamically deformable terrain.

Scenery with damage modelling

Realistic modelling of dirt and mud affecting cars' performance.

6 racing environments: Tropical, Canyon, Alpine, Safari, Arctic, Lakeside

There will be 16 different tracks in total.

Multiplayer split-screen mode (2-player only)(should be noted though that the pc version of the game has some troubles if you try to play with two xbox 360 controllers, only one of the gamepads are recognised, so essentially only one player with 360 controller and the other with keyboard only)

Online multiplayer for up to six racers

The game is intended to be as realistic as possible while still retaining the arcade style gameplay long associated with the Sega Rally series.

Game Rankings currently scores it 78.7% for the Xbox 360, 80.4% for the PlayStation 3, 74% for the PC, and 78.3% for the PlayStation Portable.
Quite great game, the thing I prefer is particle effect. The online mode is really good and allow up to 6 people to play with. That's a globally good SEGA game, maybe the "bad" thing is there are many cars and tracks, I like to play and keep concentrated on 3 tracks and play them in loop.
I agree with vbt, the particle effects are awesome, no 2 laps are the same in this game. The online mode is also very fun although zone alarm can play havoc with it at times. Bad points for the game are no car damage and thats really about it.

Overall this is quite an enjoyable game and I recommend anyone that was a fan of sega rally on the saturn etc should definitely pick this title up.
This game was a great current gen remake. It had a great arcade feel with nice, gameplay changing track deformation. Its too bad that Sega sold off the studio after the game was done. IMO SRS was a victim of its own success - the game was spot on in the sega rally feel but the market isn't there for this kind of game. One thing that dissapointed me is that there was a wireframe mode that they used to show off the physics and track deformation but it is not accessible in the retail game. The credits show off the wireframe view though.