Sega Rally Championship


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Sega Rally Championship was notable at the time for its simulation of different track surfaces. It is fondly remembered by many for its musical jingles and voiceovers.


Sega Rally Championship was originally released in arcades. The game was later ported to the Sega Saturn and PC. A later version was released for Saturn with NetLink support, for online multiplayer via modem. A port of the game was included with the Playstation 2 game Sega Rally 2006. A Gameboy Advance game was also released with the same name although it is rather different.

Source: GiantBomb.

When I was younger I used to play this with my brother. A LOT. Many times we'd hit check points with 00:00:00 time differences, though I'd always choke near the end. Lots of fond memories of this game.
I liked one of those jingles too, so much so i sampled a small loop from it and mixed it up into a 2007 Joint Ops Team Speak track called "loose cannon"...try here @ the 5min 14second mark.
I got the PC version of Sega Rally recently. It's actually my first time ever playing this game in any form and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

You might be interested in sega_dxwrapper.

If you have the d3d patch installed, you can use sega_dxwrapper to run Sega Rally and Virtua Fighter 2 in higher resolutions. It doesn't fix any of the clipping or z-fighting issues, though. Just ups the resolution.

Here's a link to the d3d patch as it's hard to find.

The patch comes with CpuGrab, which fixes the weird stuttering when running the d3d patch on modern computers. Open it, set it to whatever and let it run in the background.

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