Sega Master System AC Adapter

A friend just recently gave me his old Sega Master System. I think it's the 3D one. At least he said it was. Anyway, it doesn't have the ac adapter that went with it and I was wondering if anyone knew what type I'm supposed to get? I was just going to go to Radio Shack and buy one that met the specifications. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The output should be 9-10 volts DC, and (this is the important bit) rated for at least 850mA (0.85A).

The plug type is a barrel plug, with the outer part positive and inner part negative. (Most "universal" adapters have a range of plugs and a polarity switch, so you can choose the right plug and polarity for the job.)

If you have a Sega Genesis AC adapter (for the original model, not II), that will work fine on the SMS.

AGH!!!! DO NOT!!!!!!!

I'm serious!!! Find someone who has an original Master System 3D (or regular MS, I think they're the same) power plug, and ask them what the voltage and amp ratings are. For example, the ratings for an SNES are 10 volts, 850 milliamps. Radio Shack sells power adaptors with adjustable output switches, in case you can't find an exact match.
the original SMS works perfectly fine with the genesis 1 PSU.

the amperage can be HIGHER, it makes no diff.. just not lower. the voltage has to match, tho.. and it does.

Calm down matey!

First you're saying your 32X "KILLED" your Genesis (in another thread), now you're telling someone "AAAAAGH! DO NOT!!!!" use a Genesis 1 power supply on the Master System.

The world of Sega consoles ain't that dangerous, and I wouldn't have bloody well told him to use that PSU if I didn't know for certain that it was OK. (Note that I already mentioned minimum current ratings.)

Save your alarm for when someone wants to build a nuclear reactor to generate power for their Saturn, or wants to play with their Dreamcast in the bath.

hey guys, i killed my segacd, and i wanna get it working again. i used a genesis 2 ac adapter to plug it on. the sega cd light came on then went right off in less than a sec. then it no loner worked, i think i fryed the thingy in the back. and i already replaced it twice. btw, its a segacd 2 on a genesis 1. am i doing something wrong?
Yes, you need to use a Genesis 1 AC Adapter, not Genesis 2. The Genesis 2 adapter has the wrong polarity.

How did this end up in the Master System forum, by the way?