Sega publishing games for other systems


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I don't think I saw this anywhere, but here goes, with all the recent release of sega games on other systems, ie. Shinobi, phantasy star, panzer dragoon, and shenmue. Do you guys think with enough support that sega will try and mount a massive comeback with a system in like a year or two? I know I have seen stuff mentioned on here about how much people ( we as sega fans especially) would like to see them step back into the arena with a game system. Probably just a pipe dream but I would like to see it happen, especially since the untimely and unwarrented demise of the dc.


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yes dudette we talked about this before and you participated

man! got to watch those brain cells - too much popov for you

now i feel that if sega wants to get back into the consol market (which i doubt cause they are doing better than ever now) -- is that they should come out with a totaly revolutionary hand held system something even better than what was promised with the GBA (but all we got was a souped up snes - but at todays price of 70$ cant realy complain) - im sure they could come up with something awsome that could run for 125$
Sony owns the market for consoles, being installed in something like 30 million homes? The GBA (and all the ones preceding it) has a similar installation base - I think one of the stats was "it sold a system every fifteen minutes since the early 90's"? It was in reference to a milestone for the gameboy, several months ago.

That said, it would take a monumental effort to overcome not only Sony but MS and Nintendo to have any sort of presence in the market, AND produce their own titles because 3rd party developers wouldn't latch onto the system. Why? One failure after another - Game Gear, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, and the DC (Yes, the DC failed- by being put to pasture it means it 'failed', as opposed to 'not failing' which would entail not being put to pasture, you see). For Sega to have any chance of overcoming Sony they'd have to have a large library available (because the next Sega system would not only have to deal w/ a PS3 but the PS2 as well - just like the DC vs. PS2 + PSOne) and a lot of third party support. The DC had interesting (and fun) games, but it didn't have 'popular' games (like Vice City, or Tekken, etc).

And the handheld market - nevermind. If there was ever a monopoly in the handheld market, nintendo has it. And not because of underhanded tactics (not that I know of) but their portables are simply awesome. Yes, I know the GBA and it's backlight (or lack thereof) issues, but it's still one fantastic system. And I don't care that they're simply porting SNES games - there's a difference between sitting in front of one's computer/tv and sitting in a train/plane/boat/wherever and playing these games.

Sega isn't MS - it doesn't have the money to go through a protracted battle with three other companies. They've already lost twice to Sony, how is it remotely feasible that Sega would do battle again? Not to mention there are two other systems already available. It's a pipe dream. Sega might be for the fans, but their fans are gradually dwindling, not to mention these are the same fans who pirated the DC out of existence.
i keep hearing sega was pirated out of existence many times and i dont buy it -- (mabey it was my region ) but i never seen any of that untill after the dc was dead

also i think sony was affected more by pirates -- i saw those copies being sold all over plus not to mention how anybody with a burner could easily copy them

mabey it was just where i lived or just didnt pay attention well actualy no i did pay attention and on the net i saw more about pirating psx then DC and what i saw of the dc it was difcult for some jabroni to do

edit : nintendos portables are not awsome -- the game boy sucked decomposing monkey ass especialy compared to the game gear so did the GB color- they finaly made a good one with the GBA but before it came out they were describing it like it was gonna be compareable to the psx - what a farse -- thats all that pissed me off about it - i like the gba just feel short changed - especialy since i got one the day it came out and paid that original price for it - they need more 3d games for it (i dont care about the graphics ) like star x but with better control
It's important to note how video game companies make money.

The systems are sold almost always for a loss, and money is made by selling videogames. So, it's no wonder why MS has been cracking down on piracy - their future livelihood depends on it.

Sony, on the otherhand, makes systems so that they make a profit on selling the actually hardware. However, sometimes the hardware is a bit flaky, and isn't of the best quality.

In my area, DC pirating went around more than PSX piracy. At one of the places I worked (I didn't know this until later, mind you) some guy was putting backups in the demo machines. We didn't even carry the games that he was putting in. Another person has 200+ games, none of them originals, sadly.

It's not so much the difficulty of ripping them - it's the ease by which one can acquire them. There is actually a link somewhere on this site (forums or the site itself, I won't say) that has a LOT of DC backups, that I've noticed.

While it might not be completely true, DC pirating is pretty rampant. At this point though, it's getting to be like the Saturn - it's hard to find any decent titles in stores. Most stores now deny the system ever existed. Sadly, it didn't die all that long ago...
For more on the wondefully wacky history of sega go read here Here. This site has VERY well done writeups of all the sega systems and why they did good or not. Interesting stuff.