Sega Saturn Movie Card PCB Images


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Oooo nice. Yeah I run into that problem too when I just want some peoples and the Googles don't have lol. So used to finding everything on the internet nowadays. Thanks for posting :)

Got a few things recently that would be probably interesting to post as well like ps/2 to saturn controller connector and midi to communication port connector.


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I made full technical descriptions and a lot of images of each cart when I submitted the rom dumps to mame. I wonder if they ever bothered to archive it anywhere.

FYI there are 3 different board layouts depending on configuration. There's the on you posted, one with space for an extra ram chip on the back, and one that uses SOP ROM chips + 2 ram slots. Some cards come with 1mb ram, not just 512k like most.

They kept updating the card software up till 1998...