Sega Saturn Net Link Idea

Ok, I haven't been here in a long time, so don't get pissed if someone has already posted this.

Anyway, I have an idea that it would be a possibility to play Saturn Net Link games long distance for free.

As most of you probably already know, you can play certain link XBOX games online. This idea is somewhat similar.

Since anyone can make one computer dial into another so that the client can have a form of an internet connection, there should be a way to make a program so that when your Saturn Net Link dials into your PC, the program can take over and link 2 saturns together via IP.

It's a crude idea, but an idea... if anyone is interested on working on such a project, then let me know (no true programming experience here, so we'll need someone that knows what they're doing... I can, however, organize).
Originally posted by antime@July 12 2002,01:27

This has been tried but I don't think anything useful came of it. How about it Izlude, did you get your program working?

well, i see what was going on there... it was a pc game though, so saturn will be even harder... but it WAS done with the XBOX (Halo and maybe something else), so hopefully someone can do it for saturn.
The XBOX has a standard protocal built into it, so it really didn't take any special hardware/software to get it working, saturn on otherhand doesnt use windows
Hmmm....if I had a netlink I could probably get the saturn to dial my pc, and get an ip address from my machine, and thus surf the net. I have no idea how it would then dial another machine. Oh well I can't test this out...*grumble*grumble*grumble*...
I think I know of what you speak. Way back before xbox online was released some guys hooked two xboxes over the net via broadband and so wacky software. I doubt it would be possible with the saturn, remember the xbox is a pc whereas the saturn is still only a console.
The are both personal and computers, so aren't they both PCs?

Dude, jsut because something usies the same stuff as a PC, doesn't mean it is. It' swhat it's designed for that counts.