Sega Saturn trouble

Okay, a friend of mine is having some issues with his Saturn... it sounds like his drive is fruity, but I'm not sure on how to fix the problem save buying a second-hand Saturn and replacing the CD-ROM with that one. The following is the description he gave:

"As is similar in the Playstation, proper insertion of a cd into the Saturn involves the temporary fixation of the disc onto the disc pivotor (it clips in to the dark round spinning thing in the center where the CD is hollow).

In my faulty Saturn, the pivotor seems to be dislodged from the proper position and slightly fallen inside the Saturn. This means when a disc is properly inserted, it is actually against the internal casing of the Saturn. Hence some discs run, and others don't. The ones that run seem to have less scratches and or smudges on them but it is clear by the sound and evidence when manually rotating a disc on the pivitor that the disc scrapes against the internal Saturn casing upon every rotation."

What would people suggest doing to fix it up? Would it require replacing, or simply so work done on it? As far as replacements go, would it just be simpler to get another Saturn? Any help would be most appreciated.

stick a small screwdriver under the cd table thingy and push it up carefully.

make sure it's straight.
remove the screw that hold it together (5 of them, phillips head on the bottom)

theres a small piece of the casing that surronds the cd assembly, most likly its come uncliped, remove it and reseat it again, put a cd on and see if it spins freely, if not, remove the plastic, if so try it when its back together

ive had that happen on a couple of saturns, usually happens when you knock them against a hard surface