Sega snubs Xbox?


Mid Boss
Publisher reportedly chooses not to release OutRun2 and Virtua Cop 3 for the console.

"The Japanese gaming magazine Dorimaga--by way of reporting that Sega has decided not to release its OutRun2 and Virtua Cop 3 games for the Xbox. This is surprising, given that both games run on the Xbox-based Chihiro arcade hardware, making a port a simple matter. "

"Is it true? Sega's American publicity reps aren't talking, telling GameSpot "our policy is to not comment on rumors." However, a company insider told Dorimaga that the cost of producing a whole new light-gun controller for the Xbox made the Virtua Cop 3 port economically unfeasible."

"As for OutRun2, the Xbox's lack of popularity in Japan was cited as the motivating factor. "

You can read the article here.
Haha! Thats great! X-Box sucks. If it wasn´t for Sega it wouldn´t have had any good games at all. Now when Sega removes their X-Box releases the console will really be eX :D Microsoft whouls stay away from console gaming. Long live Sega and Nintendo... uh, perhaps im getting away from the subject...