Sega Tunes Comix Zone

Apparently in 1996 a 5 CD Set of tunes from several games was released under the Sega Tunes label. I was wondering if anyone ever got this entire set or at least the Comix Zone one (see here). I LOVED the Comix Zone soundtrack and always wondered what the tracks would be like with real instruments. If anyone got this, let me know if it was worth it, if it lived up to the FM Syn. version hehe.

Edit: I guess Amazon is selling it still with some samples : Amazon Comix Zone

Not sure that its too enjoyable with voices hehe.
The Comix Zone CD is not the game soundtrack (or at least I couldn't recognize it), but an EP of a grunge band called Roadkill featuring members of the development team. It's really really shit. If you want, I'll ogg it and upload it to your FTP.
Haha, after listening to these samples, I think I'll pass, the guy who made the soundtrack made a great soundtrack in the game, but can't sing worth crap hehe. Thanks though. I think I'm just grab the .gym's off of zophar's site