Why i came to sx .....

I found out about SX through a friend of mine who >was< into the Emulation scene. I spent quite a long time looking around and checking the site out on my first visit. I was completely amazed that someone would take the time and effort to make a site as informative as this. I read almost all of the documentation available, read through almost all the messageboards, checked out almost every link, and basically used a TON of bandwidth looking at every little thing. I was floored that someone had collected so much Sega Music, Wallpapers, Information, Guides, etc. I had always wanted to do something like this but never knew where to begin.

At the time I first found this site, I was working on a fansite for Phantasy Star. (I am well aware that there are hundreds of them.) My first contact with anyone *from* the site was when I emailed Ice, asking him if he would be interested in the original japanese commercials for each of the Phantasy Star games. I never got a response back. After a week or two, I decided to check out the IRC channel since it just so happened to be on my normal irc network. As soon as I came into the channel, I felt as if I was pounced upon because not only was I a girl, but I was also into Sega/Gaming/Emulation and all those wonderful things. It quite amazed me. I was actually quite surprised that I was treated as something of a novelty being a female gamer (didn't realize that they were so rare?) and I was treated by MOST of the channel as a fairly intelligent person... I'd had quite a few non-game-non-sega-non-emu conversations with people (got them logged

Around JULY, my SegaCD was broken. You will notice that I joined the boards in May. I had possibly posted once or twice, but mainly I joined because I felt at some point in the future when I got up the courage, I would post and wanted to make sure that I got *my* name.

After a few weeks in the IRC channel, discussing almost EVERYTHING under the sun (and yes, I still have the logs), I talked to quite a few people and we discussed trading roms & isos since I had a very large collection at my disposal. As a matter of fact, I did end up helping out a few people with games and such. I have also offered to several people recently to "h00x d3m uP!" with games and such. I also tried to find someone who had a way for me to dump my carts and such. No luck, since I didn't want to ship everything to another country and pay for shipping there and back just to contribute something. I also couldn't find anyone who was geographically close to me that seemed trust-able to let them borrow the goods and return them in the same condition.

Around the middle of July, my SegaCD was broken. I also made a VERY stupid decision and bequeathed almost my ENTIRE gaming collection to someone who needs to die a horrible death, rather than going through the trouble of packing everything up and moving it back to my house, AGAIN.

I believe it was August or September, sometime around there, that I began searching the net for information on fixing my SegaCD. I couldn't find anything that made sense to me, being the dumb girl that I am, so I decided that QUITE a few people on these boards seemed very knowledgable and would be able to help me with my situation - either by explaining it to me or telling me what could be wrong with it so that I could go about having it repaired. WoOTy to GB for helping me fix it... even though I still need to actually install a real fuse instead of my twist-tie bypass.

After awhile, I felt comfortable enough to have a "full" presence on these boards. I have also debated about setting up an ftp for people to use on an "I think you are cool, here is my ftp" basis. Until I get another harddrive, that is completely out of the question.

Why I am still here:

I have met some REALLY cool people through these boards and the IRC channel. I have also gotten quite close to Skank and I can safely say that I consider him one of my best friends
( ddr mat, what?!

There are things about these boards and this site that make me unhappy... just like LIFE. I may not LIKE a certain person but I can't kill them, so I deal with it. I may not LIKE certain things but I feel that *most of the time* the positives here outweigh the bad.

I have done a "leave of absence" from the boards and irc before. I was actually MISSED, surprisingly enough. That really did kind of make me feel like I have something of a "home" here...

I don't get along with everyone and I don't try to. Don't attack me without a LEGITIMATE fucking reason to. Don't talk shit about things you don't know ANYTHING about. And don't make judgements about me and say what my reasons for coming here are because I'm 99% sure YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW. And don't be pissed off at me because I wouldn't give you netsexxx every night on irc like all the other little girls.

I am still here and I plan on being here for awhile longer (that being relative to how long it takes me to get banned). *I* feel that *I* have made a positive contribution to this community. I have probably made some negative ones also, but I'm not fucking perfect.

Now that I have run on and on and bored quite a few of you, I hope that this helps to somewhat DEFEND my position here, that of not being a "troller" or a "leecher". If you still think I am, wooty to you.

Enough from me...

ps - Energizer I luv you
<3 but not as much as Skank
News to me...It seems we've something. Wouldn't call you a troller, though.

My rule of thumb is treat everybody nice...if thats not enough, funk 'em.
I won't lie to you guys!

I joined SX for the same reason of the most people here!

To find some Sega CD games.

Back at February (not so back eh?
) I joined the forums just to find Shining Force CD & I wasn't planning to post here except if I had a problem with a server. It seems that I wasn't able to do that and... here I am.
I am still here and I plan on being here for awhile longer (that being relative to how long it takes me to get banned). *I* feel that *I* have made a positive contribution to this community. I have probably made some negative ones also, but I'm not fucking perfect.

Yeah. and if the amount of negative ones continues to grow at this rate, with the constant bitching and whining the past few days, you won't be here much longer.

It's starting to annoy me bigtime. and annoying me is a bad thing.
Yeah yeah we all need to have a good bitch every now and then to clear the air and make for more enjoable times later. Take a pill arakon it will be over soon
Guess it doesnt take much to piss you off eh Arakon? I agree with soldermonkey, sometimes you need to clear the air of all the crap that seemingly builds up in you and then you go from there. In all honesty I dont have too many friends on this message board, but I dont care, I come in do my things and boom. SO yeah, this will probably go on for a little longer and it'll be over till the next time it happens whenever that may be.
this BS has been going on all week, in more posts (some were deleted), icq and irc.

it's not just the 2 threads here.
posting of private logs, constant bitching about SX sucks this, SX sucks that, repeated bashing of people, etc.

people can bash their heads in all they want. in email, PM, or in person for all I care. but not here.