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Hey guys, I was wondering. Remember the old Sega Visions magazine? I'm curious as to how long it was in publication. Didn't it go until around 1996 or so?
I got a bunch of those on ebay.... but the older ones, I need to look for that last iss..... sweeeet.... that was a great magazine...
Sega used to send me that mag for free just for registering my Genesis. All I was supposed to get was a free copy of Sonic 2, but they kept on sending the mag.
yeah at the same time I got a ton of old GamePros (including issue #1) and some other VG mags that aren't even around anymore.

The lady that owns the store said some guy just dropped them off looking to get rid of them. So they went to an new owner and the store made a few bucks :)
I could look it up when I get home.

But I'm pretty sure it's later than that

I was so bummed -- I got the subscription for registering my Genesis (I bought one kinda late) and I got that Saturn issue -- I loved it and couldn't wait for the next issue.

I waited and waited..... and waited..... and waited until I figured they stopped publishing it :(
You only bid the minimum? You can't have wanted them that much.

You deserved to be outbid. :p
Originally posted by Cloud121@Sep 26, 2003 @ 10:36 PM

Got fucking outbid with about 10 seconds left to go on the auction. I'm ready to kill someone now :damn: :( :huh :unsure: :angry: :huh: :sarcasm: :rtfm :looney :rant

Racketboy, I'm buying all your Sega Visions now!

LoL! I was scoping out that auction but I forgot about it before it ended. I wish I could say that it was me that outbid you though, that would be humorous :lol:

Sigh...only 5.50...thats sad. Such good condition too :( I woulda paid quite a bit more, ahwell.

why would you only bid $5? Sheesh, ebay automatically ups it for you anyway so like Mal said, you pretty much deserved to be outbid :slap

and 10 seconds eh? :eek:wned


damn icons!

me too I was watching that, but I was at work when it ended, and I lost it... bastards...... I was also watching a bid, for the first issue of sega visions, I looked at it and I tried to win it.... wouldn't you know it was a 10 bucks for a week, and I go to win it, and the guy had his reserve at like 40 or 50. All i could spare was like 20 ... man that sucked..... oh well..