Segacd ac adapter

Hey Guys,

I just bought a segacd, but it doesn't have an ac adapter! Do any of you guys know where I can find one online? Thanks.
Hmm. Sounds like you believe it has to be an original Sega CD power block. I would say, probably not so.

Chances are the console has a label at the back or bottom that, among other stuff like model and serial numbers, states the power requirements: DC voltage, max. amperage, and which way the plug should be polarized (+ inside, - outside or + outside, - inside). It might for example say "9V DC, 2000mA" (which means 2A, or a max. power consumption of 9V * 2A = 18 watts).

Based on what you can find out, just trot to the local Radio Shack and pick the right power supply (and correct-size plug) for your console. They'll help you too if you bring the console with you.

Heck, I got a $10 power supply for my $2000 Roland synthesizer/keyboard that way (it came from Germany).
Hey thanks for info. I actually went back to the store and they gave me one. You know, it's not a back idea to have a genny ac adapter. They can be used with other systems as well, or so I've heard...
genesis model 2 and 32x are the same, model 2 scd is the same as a model 1 genesis. not sure about the model 1 scd...