[SegaMusic] Android Assault/Bari-Arm

Wondering who created the music for Android Assault [Bari-Arm]

(I know as far as Its being Sega *obviously* and

The game is listed as Working Designs work,

but it sounds like something in particular , a group that has

made several soundtracks through SegaCD and Saturn Games. Perchance If there are individual groups that make music for diffrent games within sega

(Or what Used to be Sega now merged with Nes)

(Im guessing the same that made the soundtrack for Battle Arena Toshiden , since the Music

"Cupido" Would fit right in there.

Its got a Yngwie Malmsteen feeling i think, agreed?)

Ok Thanks if you can help ,

Appreciate it.
Followed up on that, Wasnt able to find anything else on it.

I dont own the original cd so its a no go on that.

Thanks for replying though.

Ill continue to look into it