Segata World

I downloaded a few games from this site (they are all in Disc Juggler Format... .cdi)

I wanted to convert the .cdi image to .iso + mp3 but

whenever i try to open it with cdmage or another converter program it says that it can't find the track start marker and the image is invalid....

Anyone know how to get around this (without having to install Disc Juggler)?
The image is a dual mode image...On top of that, it's also a "interweaved" image. I looked at it in CDMage and it actually looks as though it goes from Mode 1 to mode2 back to mode 1 followed by audio tracvks. I tried to burnit in Diskjuggler and it crashed after burning the first part of Mode 1. Wierd...

Now I may be wrong because I'm far from being technically profeccient...Try it out...Look at it in CD Mage.
That's wierd, because I've gotten a few of their games, Blue Seed for example, and I've been able to open them in CDMage and convert them to bin&cue no problem. What version of CDMage are you using?

Also what game are you having problems with? If worst comes to worst, you can always dl the converted bin&cue version from my ftp, if it's one that I have.
There is a newer beta, but I don't know what the version is.

I converted (to bin/cue) and burned Blue Seed too, just fine. Except I can't play the damned game. Anyone have a good faq?
Hmmm! I looked at gamefaqs myself, and didn't see a faq there. I was actually very surprised there wasn't. Eithere there was a problem on the day I looked, or I'm just blind. Thanks MasterAkumaMatata!
So, why isn't gamefaqs popular?... Because it sucks.

That Blue Seed FAQ is trash... I could have wrote a better one myself. Don't think I will because interest in that game is pretty low. (Including my own interest)
I beat Blue Seed without any faqs.. I'd love a translation of it, cause that game was in fact pretty good and rather unique (I LOVE the combo attacks).