Segaxtreme IRC Channel

Since Skankinmonkey took it over and now nobody can get in. Not even me

No idea why he did it. Very childish.
I heard he was trading gay pr0n in #segaxtreme now.

The not-so-pretty kind.

Oh, wait, it's gay pr0n... none of it's very pretty, is it?
Yes, I'm evil, fact is Ice never ran the channel, everyone from the old SX channel moved to #vgrebirth so we closed the channel down since it was useless as-is. It will stay that way.
cant someone just make another one

no use argueing about it - if someone wants to close it - someone else can make another with out argueing
I still dont see why it is "useless". You could have just moved to #vgrebirth too but why did you have to ruin another channel in doing so?
i'm sensing some bitterness....

BTW, I thought Skank was leaving SX.... so how come he still posts when he's talked about
Well, I noted that the channel was closed to invites, however I was able to get in. But as Skank said, its closed. No one sticks around inside, so even if you did get invited its pretty loanly

Everyone has moved to VGR. Everyone knows why too.
Originally posted by SkankinMonkey@Dec. 12 2002, 1:52 pm

I resigned as staff, I never said I was leaving the forums, in fact I said the opposite.

my bad -- guess I didn't focus on the details