Selling Chinese "Pass-Through" mods.

I was reading the other post, and if Cecilia dosn't want to goto the trouble of selling things like mods, maybe I might be intrested. However, her points are very valid. It won't be worthwhile unless people are intrested and will pay.

If anyone is intrested in getting a mod, please feel free to express your intrest.

Unless we get massive amounts of people who want one, the pricing per unit may be expensive at around 49$ USD, which Includes shipping worldwide. I can try to speak with some Chinese manufactures, but unless I get large orders, this high cost is needed to offset manufacturing and dev/setup time.
Looks like the pass through mod has just been made redundant - see mals post 'I just modded a 21 pin saturn'
Yep, whatever. Its probably better since it would cost a bundle just to make mods for the left over people who didn't have them when it was popular.

Well after the poor response to the previous idea, im not even thinking about manufacturing 20 pin mods. Financially, in a business sense, the feasibility is pretty low. There is probably only a few users who have 20 pin SS Units (Those who didn't get one at the start of the SS Life cycle). This dosn't justify the cost or expense that would be incured to contract out a Chinese manufacture to produce such low quantitys. Even, if the turnout for people who would like one is way below minimum quantity order acceptable (Which is quite possible), it probably isn't even worth while to just goto the stores and resell 20 Pin units for them.
I think your right. Its probably not such a good idea.

Maybe you could try just reselling. Like how many people do you think would be intrested in something like a "VCD Player & Famicom Unit"? Im sure your not intrested since you see them all the time in stores, but maybe some others might be. You could put like 1000s of games on one CD, which is already better than a cart.